Hello Apple-croppers

Those of you in the academic community may find this of interest.  There are
a couple of research positions available at the Vineland Horticulture
Research Station near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  One of these is fruit
related..tender fruit in particular (peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries
etc.  Below are the particulars as advertised by the executive search team
at Ray & Berndtson / Lovas Stanley in Toronto.

If interested or you know someone who might be contact

Macia Mireille at 416-366-1990 x 355 or email


Harold Schooley

Schooley Orchards

Simcoe, Ontario, Canada





Join a leading-edge centre of research, innovation and commercialization.






A little more than a century ago, a visionary named Moses F. Rittenhouse
endowed a new institution, the Vineland Research Station, and charged it
with the mission of nurturing a competitive tender fruit industry on the
Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario.  This generous gift of a manse house
and a tract of rich and fertile land was the genesis of what is today a
world class centre of excellence for horticulture, ornamentals and
greenhouse research.  With renewed financial support from provincial and
federal governments and commitment from industry, the Vineland Research and
Innovation Centre is poised to make a substantial contribution to this vital
sector of Ontario's and Canada's economy.  In a world of climate change and
diminished water resources, Vineland will become a beacon of sustainability,
original and applied research.

As Vineland works toward a future where pesticides are no longer needed and
where innovative plants thrive, it is seeking two top scientists to lead
research initiatives and to share knowledge with their industry sectors.  If
you are ready to join a leading-edge centre of research, innovation and
commercialization, Vineland will encourage you to pursue your passion for
research and collaboration among scientists, governments, the private
sector, including growers, processors and marketers, who serve us all.
Build and lead a strong research team.  Secure research grants.  Take
advantage of cross appointments with Ontario's leading universities in
agriculture.  Build national and international relationships with key


Chair - Greenhouse and Ornamentals Research Cluster 

Based on the results of an ongoing industry and consumer preference research
program, you will lead a comprehensive research initiative aimed at the
discovery, innovation and domestication of new, high value species.  Driven
by the demands of the marketplace, the Greenhouse and Ornamentals program
will focus on innovation and commercialization and include insect and
disease resistance, extending shelf life and the reduction of greenhouse
energy usage. 


Chair - Tender Fruit / Sensory Research Cluster

Building on current research in the areas of breeding, production and yield
security, you will lead research initiatives that will add profitability and
sustainability to the tender fruit industry.  Working with consumer
research, plant breeders, production researchers and stored products
specialists, your work will have major impact on taste, smell, and texture
of Niagara fruit. 

Vineland is located in the beautiful wine country of the Niagara Region in
Southern Ontario.  The Centre consists of a 218 acre land base and existing
laboratories.  A key feature of the Business Plan is the construction of new
state-of-the-art laboratories within 3 to 5 years. Situated within a unique
combination of micro-climate and an "urban-rural" environment, and minutes
away from Niagara Falls, and close to both Toronto and New York, you won't
find a safer, more beautiful, inspiring community to pursue your research
and to call home.

To explore this opportunity further, please contact Paul Stanley or Tanya
Todorovic in our Toronto office at (416) 366-1990 or forward a resume with
cover letter to Mireille Macia via email to
submit your resume online to  <http://www.rayberndtson.ca/en/careers/7420>
www.rayberndtson.ca/en/careers/7420 . 


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