I think one point we are all missing is the recent interest in healthful eating, which in turn has boosted organic sales. You just can't compare the produce department in terms of selection and quality of my local Stop & Shop to the (not quite as local) closest Whole Foods. (Which is admittedly not all-organic, but sometimes I wonder if people know?) Of course you can't compare the price either, but I also buy and use Apple computers -- talk about a "tax on the gullible!" :-) And you really can't successfully argue that organic food is not better for the environment and your health, and personally I think tastes better, than the conventional produce you buy in a typical supermarket. You will never, ever win that argument. (At least I can't win it with my spouse.) That is the bottom line for the consumer. Perception is reality.

Note I did not bring up the subject of 'locally grown' at all...


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