Couldn't agree with you more Claude, that's why they call me 'Mr Liberty!'

I will say, however, I have fruited 'Modi' for the first time this year. It
is a Liberty X Gala cross from Italy, and clubbed over there, where it is
being touted as "Eco-Friendly" and having a low-carbon footprint compared
to other apple varieties. Interesting: In
North America, International New Varieties Network/C&O Nursery has the
production and marketing rights to Modi. It is a quite good apple based on
my limited experience...



On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Claude Jolicoeur <>

> Yesterday, I was picking my Liberty apples and had a good thought for Jon
> Clements, as I really think this is a great apple!
> This year is a light crop year for almost all my varieties, some setting
> nothing and others at 10 to 25% of a normal crop. Nevertheless, my
> Liberties managed to yield an almost normal crop. Great job.
> It is also a very easy tree to train and grow, easily manageable, that
> yields a high percentage of first grade apples even when in a no-spray
> orchard or yard.
> As of apple quality, when grown here in Quebec, it might not be the best,
> but I find it better than many others and certainly is among the 10 best
> that grow here in zone 4. It is also very good for cider making - again
> maybe not the best, and it needs to be blended to balance its acidity, but
> better than many others. And additionally, it makes very good ice cider!
> Some people say it produces too many small apples - true. You just have to
> make cider with them. Plus, small apples have more flavor.
> All in all, one of the greatest apples to grow here, either for a backyard
> owner, a small hobby orchardist, a cider maker, or someone who doesn't like
> or want to spray.
> So, again, thank you "Mister Liberty" for making this apple available to
> us!
> Claude Jolicoeur
> Author, The New Cider Maker's Handbook
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