At the risk of being my usual "terse" self:

1.) I would be a lot more worried about this
(FWIW), and this,
and this,, and
long URL's :-).

2.) Don't forget the apple-crop posts are archived here: I hope that does
not give anyone pause to post, however, you might get a call from NPR.
David Doud, your 'water carrying' may have only just begun...

3.) I do think spraying (synthetic, inorganic pesticides to be clear, see
#1.) and ladders are the bane of this industry. I am convinced on the
latter, could be swayed on the former. That being said, clearly eating
apples is healthier than eating (GMO'd) Fritos®.

4.) I read somewhere that the only way the public is going to accept GMO's
is if it has a demonstrable benefit to them. Makes sense. They don't give a
hoot about any benefit to the farmer. (Well, at least the average public
doesn't?) Don't Arctic® Apples fit this scenario? Of course, if we can
engineer GMO's so their apples aren't sprayers with synthetic chemical
pesticides (see #1.), wouldn't they like that and be of obvious benefit to
them? (See #1. again, is there a pattern here?)

5.) How can you argue the fact that if you could offer your customers a
better experience by giving them an apple (slice) that does not brown, why
would you not endorse that?

6.) What ever happened to BST/BGH push-back and labeling? Ginda, I will let
you look that one up.

7.) I do think the apple industry reaction to this is a bit NIMBY (Not In
My Back Yard). I will have to admit, sometimes the NIMBY's are correct,
sometimes they are off-base IMHO. Only the future will tell, and I am
through trying to predict that.

Good night.


On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 10:53 AM, David Doud <> wrote:

> Well, I have been to two social events since the GMO 'Arctic apples' have
> been in the news - and that is what people want to talk to me about - and
> pretty much only that...
> How are you all handling this? My personal opinions aside, I don't want to
> 'carry water' for these guys - they aren't going to let me grow them even
> if I wanted to and I don't feel inclined to spend my time and credibility
> providing them cover and fighting their marketing struggle for them -
> This is going to be a frequently reoccurring issue this season - I've got
> an event to go to this afternoon and I am dreading this aspect of it -
> David Doud
> grower, IN
> below 0*F, way behind on pruning
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