I see that Peter directed you to John Wise's summaries ... if the link is split 
and incomplete, copy and paste the whole string, and then it works.  

I'll offer my perspective ... We got 2.5 inches Sunday night, and it's still 
here this morning, so I'm headed back out to spray my trial trees (including 
the Assail treatment that's a standard) in a few minutes.  I'm acting on the 
premise that there's not enough residue left to provide codling moth control, 
and we have moderate pressure ... and we have potato leafhoppers.

Rick Weinzierl

Professor and Extension Entomologist
IL SARE PDP Coordinator
Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois
S-334 Turner Hall, 1102 S. Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801

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A four day old application of Assail at 8oz - 1.5" of rain last night followed 
by .5" tonight (along with 1 minute of hail) - would this application retain 
its effectiveness or should I think of it in the same fashion that I would 
consider an application of Imidan under the same situation? - in other words, 
I'd consider Imidan to be effectively gone after 2" of rain but Assail has 
systemic action that is possibly not as affected by rain? I'm mainly worried 
about codling moth, but it's time for leafhoppers to show up too. I'd like to 
wait a week before the next application - David Doud grower Indiana - 

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