Hi Art:  The “Macoun” variety is a self-sterile apple, like ”Jonagold”. It 
needs a pollinizer close-by to set a full crop.   Jonathan, Granny Smith, 
Elstar, Grimes Golden, and most crab apples will pollinate Macoun.   As for the 
seeds, they are needed for fruit set and for larger fruit size because they 
produce the hormone auxin, which makes the cells grow bigger.  If you see a 
lopsided fruit, chances are the bulgy cheek has viable seed(s) but not the 
other side.   Most varieties will drop their fruit if there are no seeds, 
however some varieties like Macoun will set seedless fruits of small size.   If 
there are plenty of pollinizers nearby, but the fruits did not set seeds, then 
blame it on the weather that may have kept the bees from bringing pollens from 
the pollinizer trees.  I have seen many fruits on the ground in central 
Illinois this spring because of the heavy rain and cold weather that we had 
during bloom, which kept the bees in their hives.  Mosbah Kushad, University of 

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Does anyone have any input as to why my Macoun apples fail to develop seeds?  
The seeds wither but the apples stay and are harvested.  They develop fair size 
but I can't help but think it would be better if they had a full compliment of 
seeds.  The Cortland and Gala on either side have a full compliment of seeds 
and size well with moderate thinning.

Art Kelly
Kelly Orchards
Acton, ME
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