Jon-First Strep within 12 hours for trama blight phase of Fireblight.
Then after calling my crop insurace agent and having it declared 100% loss with 
no crop sale potential I would look to protec thte trees from disease.

If there is no hope for fruit sales!  I would do a good rate of copper/Manzate 
to make sure all fireblight shoot blight is shut down. Manzate has a 77day phi 
so no fruit sales if applied now.

I would do several periodic applications of capatan/ziram to ensure that no 
rots develope in the wood, shoots, trunks- ie black rot, white rot or necteria 
canker which can get established- the copper will help with the necteria canker.

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On Jul 9, 2015, at 11:51 AM, Jon Clements <> wrote:

> Hi everyone, what would you suggest is good management advice for a 100% hail 
> damage (per crop insurance) orchard. Minimal fungicide and insecticide every 
> few weeks? What about taking the damaged fruit off? Recommended, or does it 
> make a difference? If we should take it off, how?
> Thanks.
> Jon
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