Once the fruit is infested, cold storage for 3 days at 33F will kill the 
majority of larva in the fruit, retaining the integrity of fruit at the time of 
harvest from further injury.

  *   If the fruit are clean (uninfested) at the time of application AND the 
material has a high degree of efficacy in reducing SWD egg laying, the fruit 
will remain clean.

  *   If the fruit has been newly infested with one or more eggs you may get 
some efficacy from the application to reduce larval activity, with protection 
from further infestation  in the field depending on insecticide efficacy. Its 
likely they will remain infested with larval activity increasing in storage 
unless cold treated.

  *   Sound stone fruit are much less likely to be infested. We have only 
reared a singly fly from sound peach. We have seen oviposition on plum with no 
fly emergence. Blueberry have shown to be much less attractive to SWD then 
raspberry and blackberry. A 7 day schedule for blueberry using the best 
materials has been shown to be effective at managing the pest on many farms 
with consistent pest management programming. In the Hudson Valley a 3d program 
is required in raspberry and blackberry for commercial quality fruit.


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If you apply a 3 day PHI spray for SWD will it continue to protect the fruit in 
the packing room or retail stand?  I'm thinking of peaches or plums and 

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