Great to hear about all of these solutions re lighting. I was excited about
the question and hoped to see some innovative solutions for the underlying
problem, the aging part..


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The "Natural Light"  4 foot fluorescent T-8 bulbs at H. Depot have one of
the highest color index ratings available, 94 (out of 100) or thereabouts if
memory serves correctly. The Daylight bulbs are a close second (or maybe I
have these 2 reversed). I experimented with many (more expensive) options
before finding that these resulted in better grading at a cheap price. We do
have them mounted low so they shine on the line and table and use a guard to
keep light from shining in the eyes. Same light on the ceiling. Our whole
room is white and it is very close to daylight.

On 9/23/2015 3:33 AM, Charles Davis wrote:

We currently use a couple of 4ft fluorescents above the sorting table before
bagging. Seems more difficult, as we are getting a little older each year,
to distinguish between dark red and brown or black. I was wondering what
others were using in their operations? Thank you kind hearted souls. 

Charles and Patricia

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