Also don't have vineyard version but have 5 cab and 2 open station.  Once
you drive one you will not want to go back to a john deere.  With that said
we have only our better operators in them I do not think they are as tuff
as a john deere but you can't beat the ride. We have under 2000 hours on
them but no major problem yet.  The super steer is a big advantage over
other tractors when you go to close row spacing.

Rusty Lamb
Yonder Farms

Hello Fellow Growers:

We are evaluating a new orchard tractor purchase and wanted to solicit
input from fellow growers.  We currently have John Deere’s…specifically a
5320N 2WD and a 5420N 4WD; both with cabs.  We are very pleased with both
these tractors.

We are currently looking at a John Deere 5085EN versus a New Holland
T4.75V.  They are both essentially the same tractor in terms of base
features and horsepower; prices are similar.  We are concerned about the
overall height of the John Deere caused by the Tier 3 pollution controls
that have been added to the tops of the engines.  Contrary, we are
intrigued by how relatively small the packaging of the New Holland vineyard
tractor is with an overall width of just 48”.  We see a lot of
opportunities for this tightly packaged New Holland in our brambles and
blueberries in addition to our high density orchard blocks.  Having never
owned a New Holland narrow tractor and I was hoping that some of you might
lend some insight into your personal observations.  It appears to us that
New Holland has put a lot of R & D into their narrow and orchard tractors
and that their “Blue Cab” is quite nicely engineered.  Again, we would
appreciate your feedback.



*Kurt W. Alstede*

General Manager,

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Chester, New Jersey 07930

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