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In This Issue:

Status of Dixon Springs and St. Charles 

Change in newsletter 
management<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#change> (Nathan Johanning 
and Bronwyn Aly will be new editors)

Upcoming Programs<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#upcoming> 
(listings for beginning and established growers)

Regional Reports<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#reports> (from 
southern Illinois)

Fruit Production and Pest 
Management<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#fruit> (codling moth and 
OFM flight; vole management)

Vegetable Production and Pest 
Management<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#vegetable> (corn earworm 
flight; "good" soil samples)

Local Foods Issues<https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#local> (2016 
Small Farms Webinar Series)

University of Illinois Extension educators and specialists in fruit and 
vegetable production and pest 

Rick Weinzierl

Professor and Extension Entomologist
SARE PDP Program Coordinator
Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois

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