Hi David: I have not been able to download the photos.. Could you please send 
them directly via e.mail.. Thanks Mosbah Kushad University of Illinois

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I saw these this year starting with Northern Spy in mid-October.  Then as 
November approached it became quite prevalent on other varieties (HoneyCrisp, 
Golden Delicious)  Not seeing it on Granny Smith no Gala.

This was before storage, that is on the tree.

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The two photos here show a skin-deep discoloration now appearing in several 
varieties of our stored fruit
(32-36F, air).  In most cases I can distinguish a circular lighter-colored zone 
centered on a lenticel, but this often merges into similar tan-colored skin 
beyond the single lenticel.  None of the spots I have seen is larger than the
the diameter of a 5-cent coin.  Affected skin is not different than normal skin 
to the touch. There is no pitting or
depression in the affected area.  Note that in one of the Mutsu fruits shown, 
discoloration is limited to the calyx-end points.

In several years I have seen scald symptoms near the end of storage season 
(late February, March), but
now in mid-November, I don't expect to see superficial scald. I am wondering 
whether others have seen
similar symptoms.

David Kollas
Kollas Orchard
Tolland, Connecticut; USA

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