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In This Issue:

More on changes in newsletter 
management<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#change> (Nathan Johanning 
and Bronwyn Aly will be new editors)

Upcoming Programs<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#upcoming> (listings 
for beginning and established growers)

Regional Reports<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#reports> (from 
southern and western Illinois)

Fruit Production and Pest 
Management<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#fruit> (Midwest Apple 
Improvement Association fall newsletter)

Vegetable Production and Pest 
Management<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#vegetable> (winter aphid 
management in high tunnel greens)

Local Foods Issues<http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/contents.php#local> (2016 Small 
Farms Webinar Series)

University of Illinois Extension educators and specialists in fruit and 
vegetable production and pest 

Details on changes in newsletter management

As I noted last month, this is the last issue of the Illinois Fruit and 
Vegetable News that I will produce, edit, and send out.  I will retire from the 
University of Illinois in May of 2016, and Nathan Johanning and Bronwyn Aly, 
both University of Illinois Extension Local Food Systems and Small Farms 
Educators, will take over the management of this newsletter in January.  I will 
continue to contribute articles until I retire (and maybe even after that), but 
Nathan and Bronwyn will be in charge of the editing and distribution processes. 
 Here are a few details that you should know ...

  *   The Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News will continue to be posted online 
for free access at https://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/.
  *   Everyone who receives direct email notifications when a new issue is 
posted will continue to receive those email messages with a link to the home 
page and the current issue.  We will establish a website for new subscriptions 
and provide an easy way to unsubscribe for those who do not want to receive 
those emails.
  *   We will continue to send notifications to the newillinoisfarmers 
list-serve and the Great Lakes Vegetable Workers Group list-serve.
  *   We will no longer send email notifications to the applecrop list-serve 
(perhaps a little too specialized for our increasingly general newsletter), but 
I will send a note or two to the applecrop list-serve to provide information on 
how to subscribe for those who want to do so.
  *   Nathan and Bronwyn will provide information on US Mail subscription rates 
for those who wish to receive printed copies.  Current subscribers will receive 
one or two in January before you need to re-subscribe.

Cheers to all.  I'll not be disappearing, just retiring (and not until May).  I 
plan to continue some apple and peach insect management research at the 
University of Illinois Fruit Research Farm at Urbana, and in a few months I'll 
be planting a couple of acres of apple and peach trees a few miles away as well 
-- probably more a retirement hobby than a second career, but it should keep me 
involved.  And without using this forum as an advertisement, I'll also do some 
consulting if there's any demand.

Rick Weinzierl (217-244-2126; 

Rick Weinzierl
Professor and Extension Entomologist
SARE PDP Program Coordinator
Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois

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