Yes for us “FarmLogs” is a useful App/ tool for us to measure ground and 
soil water saturation plus rain fall on the Android system. 
Thank you
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Hi everyone, I have been recruited to give a talk on mobile apps ("Top 5 Apps 
or Uses of Tablets/iPads/iPhones" to be exact) at the IFTA Conference in Grand 
Rapids next week. I have a few of my own: MyIPM, OpenScout (formerly MyTaps), 
Agrian, Good Fruit, SoilWeb, among a few others. If anyone uses an app they 
find particularly useful in day-to-day orchard management, I would like to hear 
about it. If I use it in the talk, I will credit you as the "Finder." Favorite 
Weather app? Pesticide/orchard record keeping? Anything else?

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