Exirel is a suspoemulsion (/oil/ in water emulsion) which are mixtures of water-insoluble active ingredients dispersed in an aqueous solution, where one or more of the active ingredients are in suspension and one or more of the active ingredients are in the emulsion. The formulation is intended for dilution into water prior to spray application. These mixed systems offer the benefit of a greater spectrum of pest control due to mixed active ingredients and typically eliminate the need for tank mixing. Their benefits include ease of mixing and handling, dust-free and water-miscibility and that they are dust-free; however, since they contain insoluble components they are not stable indefinitely as are like ECs or MEs.

I have had much experience with Rimon EC, which is an emulsifiable concentrate, with no phytotoxicity issues at all. These compounds cannot be tank mixed with Captan though, since they contain oil components. Exirel is also highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or to residues on plant surfaces, so we cannot use it since our rows between trees are full of blooming clover for our bees.

Don't know if this helps, but this is the research I came up with when examining Exirel for our use.

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On 3/12/2016 8:49 AM, Arthur Kelly wrote:
Does anyone have any experience with Exirel. It looks like a good material for a petal fall insecticide. I'm concerned that it has an oil component and am wondering about phytotoxicity when combined in a tank mix.

Art Kelly
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