American Fruit Grower(r) and Western Fruit Grower(r) magazines' Apple Grower of 
the YearSM award, sponsored by Valent 
U.S.A.<>, honors apple growers who have gone 
beyond the confines of the orchard and have, through their involvement and 
leadership, made a real impact on the apple industry.

Our 2015 winner, Bill 
 was chosen not for his operation's size, but for his creativity and 
resourcefulness in running his own business, and for his service to other 
growers and our industry.

Dodd, besides running his own 30-acre wholesale and retail operation, Hillcrest 
Orchards in Amherst, OH<>, serves the industry 
in a myriad of ways. In addition to acting as president of the Fruit Growers 
Marketing Association for the past decade as well as chairman of the U.S. Apple 
Association, there was the simple matter of destiny for the fourth-generation 
apple grower.

"I never recall wanting to do something else," he says. "Nothing else even 
entered my mind."

Dodd is a leader and he follows in the footsteps of such past winners as Grady 
 Harold and JoAnn 
 Bill and Jeannette 
 and many others. So who will be this year's winner? That is up to you.

The deadline for nominations is May 16, 2016, so send in your suggestions 


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