Fortunately, our issue has not been with injury from the cold snap, but the fact that we are still unable to get our first copper spray on. We have gotten nearly 2" of rain int he past week and the orchard is a mud pit! Last Sunday it hit 70 here in northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin with a wind of 15 to 20 MPH and way too windy to spray. It dried out some, but not enough to get the tractors through. Then the trees went from silver tip to green tip in just a few hours. But by Sunday night is was down to 25 and our average high has been in the high 30's and low in the mid 20's since, until last night when it hit 21. Luckily the trees slowed down enough to stay pretty much at green tip. It is still too wet to get into the orchard to spray and we are hoping for an 8 to 6 hour window to spray our copper tomorrow when the predicted high is 53 and low is 32. We need enough time to get in to spray and give the copper enough time to dry before the temps drop. By Thursday night, the lows are expected to hit freezing again with a low of 22 predicted for Friday night. it looks like we are stuck in this pattern of low night temps as long as the jet stream keeps coming out of our northwest. We have an inch of snow predicted for Friday night, but at least we are not in Michigan where they are predicting 3" to 6" of snow tonight through tomorrow afternoon. I'm thinking about you growers in Michigan right now!!

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We will know better in a few days Christina. Wish I could sleep better!

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    Does anyone have any losses from the latest cold snap? Dave and
    Christina from /American Fruit Grower/ would like to talk to you
    about it. Send Dave Eddy (
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