Hi Dave, I use the European data on LLS. I never dug deeper. My interest in LLS 
was mostly to compare it to Bicarbonate for organic growers. Maybe it can 
achieve more kickback (?) I just know the bulk of organic European growers 
stick with the 250DH criteria.


> I thought that I had read elsewhere that liquid-lime sulfur might provide up 
> to 4 days (96-hr) of post-infection activity, but perhaps that was a figment 
> of my imagination.  

I had never heard of Sulforix. It seems to be “lime sulfur” (see label), but 
rapid googling reveals it can outperform the “regular” LLS. interesting.


> Incidentally, a product called Sulforix is being promoted as an alternative 
> to liquid lime sulfur, but so far as I know it will not be any safer or reach 
> back any futher than the old lime sulfur that Art Burrell was using in the 
> 1940’s.

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