Dear Win,

I am so confused, I read the post everyday. Once in a blue moon I’ll comment 
like on which is the best type of press to purchase, but I have never  posted a 
question which we did last week.   So my confusion comes in “how to post a 
original   question?

I will make sure I identify who and where we are…

Thanks for the help.

> On Apr 10, 2016, at 10:21 AM, Win Cowgill <> wrote:
> Hi Rich and Apple Crop List Serv members
> Periodically I like to post our house keeping rules for our listserv. 
> Posts to our list are more valuable if everyone identifies who they are, with 
> a signature box at the end of their post. When we ask questions or offer 
> advice it is important that the list members know who you are and where you 
> and or your farm are located. 
> We have subscribers located all over the world and your location becomes 
> critical in  considering your post.
> Please take a minute to review our website guidelines for Apple-crop.
> Also note there is a searchable data base on this page for past posts to 
> apple - crop
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>> On Apr 9, 2016, at 4:27 PM, Rich Everett <> wrote:
>> We just did our first bottling of 64 cases of 22oz bottles or about 130 
>> gallons.  We have noticed some “off” flavors in some bottles but not all?  
>> The off flavor being a “bisquiting” or “mousey” flavors after you swallow 
>> the cider, then you taste these off flavors.  While other bottles are 
>> perfectly acceptable.  What is the cause and how can we get more consistent 
>> cider in “all” of our bottles?   Could it be the sanitizer, purging the 
>> bottles with CO2 issues, or the juice?
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