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Dr. LaLancette  recently  
 posted a set of recommendations for disease control in cold damaged peaches in 
the Rutgers Plant and Pest Advisory. As far as insect control goes, all that is 
needed is control Oriental Fruit Moth at least for the first and possibly 
second generation depending on the amount of pressure. Both Lesser and Greater 
Peach tree Borers should also be controlled. Scale and aphids should be 
monitored and controlled if needed, however if insecticide use is minimized 
this should not be an issue as beneficial insects would likely keep them in 
check. Herbicide programs should also be maintained to help control voles and 
to keep out broadleaf weeds to prevent the buildup of plant bugs. Everything is 
geared toward protecting the tree and minimizing pest pressure for next year’s 
crop. Hope this helps.


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What would be the recommendations for pest management in a lost crop situation 
for peaches?





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