You might also ask the people at Summit Sales  in Michigan as they have 
probably sold more trees of the variety and might be able to source you a  

Jerome L "Jerry" Frecon
Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University
And Horticultural Consultant for<>

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This variety came out from Fruit Acres Farm Breeding program, so go straight to 
 the source: Contact Annette Bjorge, 3390 Friday Rd., Coloma, MI 49038; Phone: 
Good luck!


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No, late August or September.  When we have them here it's early September but 
we were frozen out this year.

Art Kelly
Kelly Orchards
Acton, Maine

Mark & Helen Angermayer <<>> 

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> Does anyone know where we might be able to source 200 -300 pounds of
> Blushingstar peaches?
> Art Kelly
> Kelly Orchards
> Acton, Maine
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