It is good to be cautious and alert, but it seems that this incidence is 
isolated to one group of dishonest workers.  There is no reason to be 
suspicious of anyone that is looking for work. There are many honest temporary 
workers.. Mosbah, Illinois

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Via twitter and Christina Herrick at AFG (twitter handle = @HerrickAFG)-<>

“Growers deal with all sorts of challenges throughout the growing season – but 
a few Ohio growers are facing a new challenge, one that was unexpected. A group 
of temporary laborers performing spring pruning at several Ohio orchards are 
believed to have stolen more than 200 newly-planted trees…"

Used to be a stick or two, now it’s whole trees…

If anyone is interested, EverCrisp(tm) does do twitter at @EverCrispApple -

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weather that continues -
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