Glenn McCorkle wrote:
> On Sun, 06 Aug 2000 22:13:25 -0500, Clarence Verge wrote:
> > Hello All;
> > There have been a couple of complaints that the mail logs are not
> > showing multiple recipients with A1.66.
> > Can anyone confirm that they have succesfully sent to multiple
> > recipients or CCs with Arachne 1.66 ?
>  Did you receive the message I sent to both you and Bernie??
> This was the "To:" line.....
> -To: Bernie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Clarence Verge <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> ^
> | dash added in this message only.

Well how about that.
You might be surprised to learn that it appears I didn't. :(

There is nothing from you in the two likely buckets except one in which
Bernie was the second recipient. Subject Re: RARcrap.
I wonder if HE got it ?

Bernie is sending via Eudora, and I by Netscape.

Please resend direct to me and I'll confirm whether or not I've ever
seen it. <G>
-  Clarence Verge
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