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>>Dale - just a thought, but does the directory /hd exist? This isn't obvious,
>>but with mount, you are pointing a device at a named directory (in this case
>>/hd) so use mkdir /hd first to create it.

The directory did not exist, but that was not the problem. After I 
successfully mounted the HD in the root directory by leaving /hd off 
the command, I was in the root directory and simply cd'd to the 
proper directory.

>>Second , the syntax is mount -t filesystemtype device dirname

Steven's instruction in the README file are "mount -o loop baslinux 
/mnt" and that appears to have worked. What is the signifigance of 
the "-o" switch or argument in the command?

>>where device is /dev/hda0 , dirname is /hd and filesystem type is from
>>this list (not exhaustive):
>>msdos (FAT16), vfat (FAT32), ext2 (standard linux filesystem) or umsdos
>>Specifying the file system type can help clarify just what it is you're
>>about to do. Another option (before the 't') is 'r' - specifies read-only,
>>if you want to minimise any risk of overwriting data on your DOS
>>drives.(syntax is mount -rt .....)

>>If you're getting stuck I can recommend the O'Reilly book "Linux in a
>>nutshell" without reservation - covers all common commands from basic
>>user to sysadmin in great detail. Cost about 16 GBP / 25 US$.

The "Idiots Guide" is pretty good so far, though about half of the 
book deals with the KDE interface. I am sure I will be needing more 
help later and I will check that title. It was in the library "card" 
catalog (actually on their computer system, of course) thought not at 
the branch I use, but I can make a special request and it will be sent 
from the branch where it is. I will probably utilize the library 
resources first before springing for a personal Linux reference.

>>Good luck.

Thanks. I am having much more fun with this than with DragonLinux 
v0.75 that I tried last year, and it takes a lot less valuable disk 

Dale Mentzer

It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.

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