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> Michael can you create a new mailinglist where you
> must allow people to join? (ie. join yourself and let
> me, Clarence and Glenn join - or but us in there to
> begin with and close the list whatever you prefer).

You asked for a private mailing list? ;-)
Then why not create it by yourself?  It's easy.

Go to http://www.egroups.com/ and create an account
there, or just log in if you already a member.  To
start a new group, go to http://www.egroups.com/start
and fill out the forms there.  Set subscription option
as "restricted" and everything else as "members only".

FAQs and help pages:


Official group managers support forum:


If you prefer an ad-free Majordomo (like Arachne lists),
and don't mind receiving error messages.  There's also
a free Majordomo list hosting:

Quoted from:


"Spunge.org hosts free mailing lists for people who
 would like them.  Some features include the use of
 Major Cool, MHonArc, and a subscribe/unsubscribe web
 page interface. Each list will be dealt with on a
 personal level, but there is no intent to limit the
 lists, unless there becomes a problem with bandwidth/

Just email your needs to Benji Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.
For more info, visit http://www.spunge.org/services.html

Majordomo list owner manuals:


Still best viewed with Arachne only... :(

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