> I can dial up the local 1nol access number without any problem but am
experiencing an "invalid loging" message when when trying to login.

The e-mail address that I used in signing up to 1nol was:
They emailed back that I was successfully registered and they had my
password correct.

After dialing in, using the terminal entry mode, I type in 
"leetnc@1nol" for my user name and
"passwordxms" for the password, i.e. password with "xms" appended.

All entries are lower case which corresponds to my verified registration

I always get the invalid login message.

Anyone else experiencing that problem?

I did my registration from Arachne one night while on FreeWWWeb (now
Juno). Did not really keep any notes on exactly how I was able to 
accomplish that!

-Norm Leet

Do you use the same user name with 1nol as with dma.org?

Or could they be plugging the loophole that allows users access with users' own
software?  I couldn't even get info from their web site.

I tried to access http://www.1nol.com and http://accessmasters.com/dos.html
using OS/2 Lynx and was diverted to a page offering downloads of Netscape &
MSIE.  Maybe I need to fudge the user agent?  Or try Warpzilla (OS/2 Warp port
of open-source Mozilla, http://www.mozilla.org/ports/os2)?  I haven't reached
1nol signup page yet.

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