Hi Neil,
         I note your subject line. But to understand the
jist of things one has to know the idioms. What is a "skip"?
Is that a junk pile? As for the B&W I think Clarence is 
probably captain of that ship! Also, I still can't get A1.66
to work on my 486. I haven't tried it on anything else. It
appears to have something to do with A1.66 recognizing the


Neil wrote:
>If anybody hasn't noticed, I finally got back online with Arachne 1.66
>OK That's not strictly true, I had it all working before with 1.51, but
>after changing to a PnP mopdem, I could never quite get epppd to
>recognise its IRQ and port address. All fixed now that I got an ATX board
>celeron 400 machine - now that's overkill! It all works beautifully.
>Completely at the other end of the spectrum, I fished a 286 Toshiba
>laptop out of a skip a few months ago...960K ram, CGA (mono) screen,
>20Mb HDD. Thought to trial arachne on it with a working 14k modem from
>the same skip.
>I have the same problem as Kali - thought at first it was the arachne
>page options for colour (ie probably displaying pale blue on gray, on a
>B&W machine). Turned images OFF. After navigating through the options
>(with an open copy on my desktop machine as a guide) I found - images
>sometimes tagged as 'IMAGE' but sometimes the placeholder was missing
>altogether.  I can confirm the icons weren't clickable, tho' I got some
>config done by guesswork!
>Radio buttons were clickable, but no text by the side so a complete
>mystery what they referred to .

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