Thomas Mueller wrote:

>>BCC = Blind Carbon Copy

Recipient of BCC doesn't know about the main recipient, unlike CC, where 
recipient can see who the main recipient is.  I am sending this to Arachne
with BCC to Eric S. Emerson.  Let me know how/if this demo works.<<

Why wouldn't you want the BCC recipient to know who the main recipient was 
and who received [open] copies?

It's the other way around --- You don't want the main recipient and copy 
recipients to know that you sent a copy or copies to the BCC recipient(s).

Since carbon paper is becoming extinct, CC and BCC are now being referred to 
(by those who *must* be absolutely correct) as, "Courtesy Copy," and "Blind 
Courtesy Copy." respectively.

Those who must not only be *absolutely* correct, but precisely correct, use, 
"XC" for "xerographic copy," and "BXC" for "blind xerographic copy."

Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona  USA

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