Hello Arachnians:

I am telling you all about this one because of all the recent
concern about Operamail no longer working at all with Arachne
and about Yahoo Mail no longer offering free POP3 service.

Go right here and sign up for free web-based email that works
with Arachne and for free POP3 service:


I have been using the service for about three years.  I find the
service most usually quite reliable, more reliable than the old
Operamail used to be.  I use Subdimension quite frequently, and
mainly for doing newsgroups with Nettamer.  Strange as it may seem
I don't get spammed very often there, only about four spams a week.
I usually get on the average about four spams per day at my paid ISP.

The www interface does work with Arachne, but it is not quite
as easy to use as the old Operamail.  Some of the web pages at
Subdimension say that they have an IMAP server.  They used to have
a mail server running both IMAP and POP3, but their current server
supports only POP3.  One of their pages explains this, but they have
neglected to clean up the misinformation about the former IMAP
service on some of their other web pages.  Subdimension has being
saying for a couple of years that they may someday implement also a
free SMTP server for use by their subscribers, but so far this has
not come about.  The POP3 service that they have works fine almost all
of the time.  You have to use some other SMTP server, such as the one
at your paid ISP for example, for sending emails.  Alternatively, you
could use their web-based service for sending.

Those of you who want an alternate email address should check this
service out.

Does anybody else know of some good free web-based email and/or POP3
service that works OK with Arachne?

Sam Heywood
P.S.  It is extremely unseasonably cold here for being the first
day of spring.

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