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> Although I agree with the core of your argument, I think it's misplaced.
> The dialog is bigger than just javascript or the *evil schemes of a
> corporate giant*. The fight isn't against M$ or for Arachne - it's a
> fight to allow people the freedom to communicate.

> That's a battle I'd be willing to join.

Many good points, Bob. People are going to find ways to communicate
no matter what.

The need to communicate will engender the technical ability to
communicate. Back before most home users had Internet access there
was Fidonet--an entirely voluntary and worldwide communication
network that functioned quite remarkably. So I think if one
channel gets blocked by proprietary foolishness then other channels 
will arise.

The whole thing will continue to mutate, perhaps into multiple
channels--some free, some proprietary. It may not be just one
thing, just one way. But people are going to find ways.

Sam Ewalt
Croswell, Michigan, USA
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