Hi Eko,

On Thu, 7 Ags 2003 23:32:05 +0700 (JAVT), Eko Priono wrote:

> Hi,

> Is my new site really Arachne friendly?

> http://www.attshoes.com/

> So far most visitors are windoze users, a few Linux users
> (after I put up the job vacancy section), and just one
> Arachne user (me ;-).  Most of the site was designed with
> Arachne and external DOS editor.

> Feedbacks, please!

  I had a quick visit and followed just some of the links within the
site.  I am using Arachne 1.71.

  Very quick, no faults found with the rendering, easy to follow, and
with a high signal-to-noise ratio.

  Looks good.   :)

  And good to know you are still with us.


Ron Clarke
AUSREG Consultancy http://homepages.valylink.net.au/~ausreg/index.html
Tadpole Tunes      http://tadpole.mytunebook.de/
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