On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:25:05 +0100, Mel Evans wrote:

> AFAIK Majordomo is suffering from the arachne syndrome, that is, it's not 
> kept up-to-date much nowadays. However, having said that, other lists I
> subscribe to still have it working and you can un-sub from it with the un-sub
> command, something like:

Majordomo is the old standard Unix mailing list program. It's been
used for years and years for many thousands of mailing lists without
significant problems. In todays's Internet environment there are
often security issues with older programs and I believe there were
problems of that nature at Arachne.cz.

The unsubscribe function is only broken at the Arachne.cz install.
Fixing it would require an investment of time and energy that is
evidently unavailable.

Lets try to remember that Arachne Labs is mostly a one man show and
if he doesn't have the time, energy, interest to deal with a problem
then there's not much we can do.

Maybe we could all chip in some beer money and hire him to pay
attention for a day or two ?

Sam Ewalt
Croswell, Michigan, USA
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