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>Hello All.
>please, somebody explain me step to step - how do i setting up the arachne
>for easy using wget for dos???

Hi Vladimir, here is how I usually call wget from Arachne:

1. How it works:

You have to mark the URL of your target, then
call dl.dgi (probably with a self defined key)

2. Installation

a) add to arachne.cfg

ShiftF5 reload:file:dl.dgi

b) add to mime.cfg:

file/dl.dgi          |@call aradl.bat $i $n $e

c) copy aradl.bat to Arachne directory:

-------------- BEGIN: aradl.bat --------------

@echo off
:: 1. check if Arachne is online with %1 (ip)
:: 2. get nameserver from arachne.cfg as %2
:: 3. create a wattcp.cfg file out of an existing
:: ip-up.bat in Arachne directory, nameserver is set
:: - either to the value of %dns% in case that it is
::   included in ip-up.bat (lsppp)
:: - or to the value of %2 in case that it is not
:: 4. copy wattcp.cfg to the wget directory (customize)
:: 5. run wget
:: 6. return to Arachne drive and directory
set wget=i:\connect\wget
set wattcp.cfg=%wget%
if "%1"=="" goto error
copy nul wattcp.cfg>nul
if not exist IP-UP.bat goto error
call IP-UP.BAT
echo my_ip=%myip% > wattcp.cfg
echo gateway=%remip% >> wattcp.cfg
echo netmask=%netmask% >> wattcp.cfg
if "%dns1%"=="" if not "%1"=="" set dns1=%1
echo nameserver=%dns1% >> wattcp.cfg
if not "%dns2%"=="" echo nameserver=%dns2% >> wattcp.cfg
if not "%peermru%"=="" echo peermru=%peermru% >> wattcp.cfg
if "%peermru%"=="" echo peermru=1500 >> wattcp.cfg
echo sockdelay=10 >> wattcp.cfg
echo HELO=on >> wattcp.cfg
echo TZ="-1" >> wattcp.cfg
set myip=%MYIP%
if not exist wattcp.cfg goto error
copy wattcp.cfg %wget%>nul
cd %wget%
echo Ready to download:
type l:\clip.tmp
i:\connect\wget\wget.exe -t 5 -c -N -nH -nd -il:\clip.tmp
goto end
echo Sorry, no connection found!
set %wget%=
set wattcp.cfg=
cd %3
-------------- END: aradl.bat --------------

Note that the script changes twice drive and directory.
Use a newer version of wget (1.82).

>simple i need a little bit information about the arachne because i did
>russifycaton of her.

BTW thanks for russification. I wonder whether I can find a
new Arachne user among Russians in Prague.



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