On Sun, 17 Aug 2003 08:21:59 +0930, Greg Mayman wrote:

> Does anyone know what happens if I compose an email and click the [Send
> mail NOW] button, and the upload aborts before the message is sent?

> Is the message lost, or is it moved to the outbox, or what?

What happens for me is that the message gets saved to the outbox if
I don't interupt things.

(I have a habit of composing replies while online and sometimes my
modem will hang up without being told to, in which case Arachne still
thinks it's online. Mail uploads then get aborted because Arachne gets
no response from the mail server.)

Happily the aborted emails are saved in the Outbox after a long delay.
Interupting this delay will make the message disappear altogether.

At least that's what happens here.

Sam Ewalt
Croswell, Michigan, USA
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