Hi there,

im using a similar setup for development. I do run a local arangodb and 
have a simlink from my dev-directory to the APP directory of my foxx app. 
Setting the fox-app to devmode than basically is everything i need. If i'd 
use docker to do my local development i'd set it up the same way as you 
described it even though i hardly see an advantage besides the extra setup 
needs and a more realistic dev-to-prod comparison :)

To alter the loglevel in the arango docker instance you are always free to 
pass in launch options your self to the arangodb entrypoint eg:

docker run -d -p 5101:4001 -e ARANGO_NO_AUTH=1 --name="dbserver" \
  -v "${ROOTDIR}/prod/db1/data":/var/lib/arangodb3 \
  -v "${ROOTDIR}/prod/db1/apps":/var/lib/arangodb3-apps \
  arangodb:3.0.7 \
--log.level debug 


Am Montag, 15. August 2016 16:26:20 UTC+2 schrieb Andy Barilla:
> Is there a recommended way to develop a Foxx app out of a git repo?  I'm 
> currently using docker to run an arangodb image with volumes mounted for 
> /var/lib/arangodb3 and /var/lib/arangodb3-apps and then a third volume that 
> maps /var/lib/arangodb3-apps/_db/mydb/myapp/APP to my local git directory.
> Is this the way to do this or is there a less convoluted way?
> On a related docker note. Is there a way to change the log level using the 
> official docker image?

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