Hi Jan,

The argument of the price of memory falling is an old one, but it doesn't 
seem to translate all that much to the cloud.
Amazon's X1 instance (Just the 1TB) costs about $2 per hour, which comes 
down to a little under $1450 per month (Double this for 2TB).

That's way over JPD's intended data-tier bootstrap budget of $80. :)
I think memory being cheap is really only a boon for those who run their 
own servers....of which no one really does that anymore.

Anyway good job with VelocyPack and the various Arango 3+ improvements.
I can't wait for the pluggable storage engine so we can tune Arango's 
memory consumption to our needs and make the necessary sacrifices elsewhere.

I truly believe in ArangoDB. For once, a NoSQL DB and community that "gets 
it" and doesn't say dumb things to people in an attempt to sound smart like 
"If you need transactions, you're doing it wrong!"...because such a 
DB/community would really only be good for making toys and 
side-projects...Not real, legally-binding business intensive software.

And even more so I hate it when I hear people relate these deficiencies to 
"NoSQL" as a whole, instead of assigning said short-comings to the ACTUAL 
database that has the problem (No need to name names :D ).

It is my hope that ArangoDB becomes more popular as a whole, and I'll be 
sure to do my best to herald it among the masses within my reach.

Thanks again for the awesome work!

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