Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019 @ 12:28:06
  Author: shibumi
Revision: 524817

upgpkg: terraform 0.12.13-1


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 PKGBUILD     |    4 ++--
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-## 0.12.13 (Unreleased)
+## 0.12.14 (Unreleased)
+* The `terraform output` command formerly would treat no outputs at all as an 
error, exiting with a non-zero status. Since it's expected for some root 
modules to have no outputs, the command now returns with success status zero in 
this situation, but still returns the error on stderr as a compromise to 
provide an explanation for why nothing is being shown.
+* command/output: Now treats no defined outputs as a success case rather than 
an error case, returning exit status zero instead of non-zero. [GH-23008] 
+* backend/artifactory: Will now honor the `HTTP_PROXY` and `HTTPS_PROXY` 
environment variables when appropriate, to allow sending requests to the 
Artifactory endpoints via a proxy. [GH-18629]
+* command/plan: Previously certain changes to lists would cause the list diff 
in the plan output to miss items. Now `terraform plan` will show those items as 
expected. [GH-22695]
+* command/show: When showing a saved plan file not in JSON mode, use the same 
presentation as `terraform plan` itself would've used. [GH-23292]
+* core: Store absolute instance dependencies in state to allow for proper 
destroy ordering [GH-23252]
+* core: Ensure tainted status is maintained when a destroy operation fails 
+* config: `transpose` function will no longer panic when it should produce an 
empty map as its result. [GH-23321]
+* cli: When running Terraform as a sub-process of itself, we will no longer 
produce errant prefixes on the console output. While we don't generally 
recommend using Terraform recursively like this, it was behaving in this 
strange way due to an implementation detail of how Terraform captures "panic" 
crashes from the Go runtime, and that subsystem is now updated to avoid that 
strange behavior. [GH-23281]
+* provisioners: Sanitize output to filter invalid utf8 sequences [GH-23302]
+## 0.12.13 (October 31, 2019)
+* **Remote backend local-only operations:** Previously the remote backend was 
not correctly handling variables marked as "HCL" in the remote workspace when 
running local-only operations like `terraform import`, instead interpreting 
them as literal strings as described in 
+    That behavior is now corrected in this release, but in the unlikely event 
that an existing remote workspace contains a variable marked as "HCL" whose 
value is not valid HCL syntax these local-only commands will now fail with a 
syntax error where previously the value would not have been parsed at all and 
so an operation not relying on that value may have succeeded in spite of the 
problem. If you see an error like "Invalid expression for var.example" on 
local-only commands after upgrading, ensure that the remotely-stored value for 
the given variable uses correct HCL value syntax.
+    This _does not_ affect true remote operations like `terraform plan` and 
`terraform apply`, because the processing of variables for those always happens 
in the remote system.
+* config: Fix regression where self wasn't properly evaluated when using 
for_each ([#23215](
+* config: dotfiles are no longer excluded when copying existing modules; 
previously, any dotfile/dir was excluded in this copy, but this change makes 
the local copy behavior match go-getter behavior 
+* core: Ensure create_before_destroy ordering is enforced with dependencies 
between modules ([#22937](
+* core: Fix some destroy-time cycles due to unnecessary edges in the graph, 
and remove unused resource nodes 
+* backend/remote: Correctly handle remotely-stored variables that are marked 
as "HCL" when running local-only operations like `terraform import`. Previously 
they would produce a type mismatch error, due to misinterpreting them as 
literal strings. ([#23229](
 ## 0.12.12 (October 18, 2019)

Modified: PKGBUILD
--- PKGBUILD    2019-11-09 12:25:21 UTC (rev 524816)
+++ PKGBUILD    2019-11-09 12:28:06 UTC (rev 524817)
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 # Maintainer: Christian Rebischke <>
 pkgdesc="HashiCorp tool for building and updating infrastructure as code 
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
 build() {

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