Hi all,

I've prepared external repository with GCC 8 built from trunk (as there
is no stable release yet) that also contains glibc 2.27 and binutils 2.30.

Server = http://pkgbuild.com/~bpiotrowski/gcc8/

From less obvious packaging changes, glibc no longer ships with obsolete
rpc and nsl, which means that you should switch your packages to
libtirpc; also if your nsswitch.conf still contains "compat" instead of
"files", better fix it before reboot. If for some reason you still use
nsl, the repository also ships libnsl and libnsl_nis packages.

As usually, simple things build, and colossi like LibreOffice don't, but
I haven't had time yet to check why. If you found some issue, the best
would be to reply either here or arch-general.


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