Looking at the packages in the BUILDINFO rebuild list, I've found some
packages which are so old that they might not longer suit [core] or our
repos in general. So I'd like to propose that we either move or remove
the following packages:

- pcmciautils - Ancient technology
- speedtouch - If you are using a linux kernel >= 2.6.10 , you should
  use the kernel module instead.
- bootchart - Replaced by systemd-bootchart
- zd1211-firmware - really really old WiFi chip. Move to [extra] or
- linux-atm - Not sure what this is, but looks old.

*Move to [extra]*

- ifenslave - Don't see why it is required in core, also orphan
- libgssglue/librpcsecgss - move to extra, nothing in [core] deps on it.
(archboot and nfs-utils used to dep on it)
- b43-fwcutter - Is this still required for more recent broadcom cards?

Jelle van der Waa

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