Jelle van der Waa schreef op 2018-06-27 21:35:
Hi All,

Our repository contains a lot of python2 modules which are required by
any package in the repository. I'd like to propose to remove these
modules pre-emptively since they serve no purpose and python2 is dead.
We should strive to be a modern distro, so promoting Python3 should be a
big part of it :)

Please reply if you have objections.

A list of modules / programs can be obtained as following or viewed here

$ pacman -Sqs python2 > list
$ expac -S '%n %N' -l ' ' - < list | awk NF==1


Python 2.7 is supported until 2020, that's 18 months from now. I agree that we should limit the orphaned python2 modules as much as possible, but please don't kill the ones that are built from a split package that also builds python3 packages. This would mean removing the python2 parts from the PKGBUILD, moving the python2 part to AUR and create a lot of duplicated effort when updating these packages.

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