I think it's time to drop the KDE4 libraries. They were EOL months ago and 
most stuff that isn't yet ported to KF5 is dead upstream. This would allow 
dropping a number of qt4 libraries and reduce the qt4 reverse dependencies (qt4 
has been EOL for 3 years now). Affected packages are:
 - recorditnow (there are many alternatives available)
 - ligthdm-kde-greeter (dead upstream, no signs of KF5 porting)
 - krecipes (dead upstream, no signs of KF5 porting)
 - kdiff3 (has been ported to KF5 for a while, just needs a release. Could be 
updated to a snapshot)
 - pidgin-kwallet (uses kwallet dbus API, so should work with the KF5 version 
without any modification)
 - libreoffice-still (would lose the KDE4 VCL, which is quite buggy anyway. 
LO-fresh has a new VCL that uses KF5 file dialog)
 - amarok: it has a WIP KF5 port, but it's not quite ready and development is 
stalled. IMO we should let it rest in peace - I can keep a KF5 snapshot in 
kde-unstable for a while but it doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time 
soon at the current development pace. There are a few alternatives in the repos.



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