Am 09.09.2016 um 22:00 schrieb Bennett Piater:
>> .xsession-errors contains the output of every GUI app you are running,
>> as if you would launch all those apps in terminals.
> That's good to know, thank you :)
> I'm very curious as to what I will (or won't) find next time the freeze
> happens. It hasn't happened this boot, ever since I sent SIGCONT. I will
> reboot tomorrow to find out if that "resets" the problem.
> Cheers,
> Bennett

Hi all,

I had two random freezes too. One after a screenlock and the second one
during using Chromium. The second freeze wasn't a complete one. Mouse
moves were delayed approx. 30s and were very stuttering. I only could do
a hard reset.

I noticed, that despite my memory isn't used completly (3GB/4GB) 50% of
my swap space are used. Further I see chromium uses a lot of swap space
(approx. 450MB). I don't know if this is an indication of the problem. I
never checked the usage of swap before.

My setup:
i3 4.12
py3status 3.1rc0
Chromium 53
xautolock 2.2


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