On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 16:24:12 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 09:11:45 -0500, Dutch Ingraham wrote:
>>TL;DR: One Arch installation will allow redirecting startx's stderr to
>>a file, one won't.  What is the difference between systems?  
>what actually was too long to read?
>Did you for testing purpose install a display manger, e.g. lightdm?
>Does lightdm or any other DM also not provide the wanted output? If so,
>what does the display manager's log file in /var provide?

Pardon, your mal was TL;DR, my bad, ok, .xsession-errors is used, here
is output, however, what is mentioned by "Please also check the log file
at "/home/dutch/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log" for additional

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