On 20/09/16 at 01:58am, David C. Rankin wrote:
On 09/20/2016 12:00 AM, D C via arch-general wrote:
TBH, the main install guide looks almost identical to the beginner guide
that I used about two years ago, check it out.

We should consider the beginner's guide again -- it was invaluable to new and
beginner users to help them get a feel for arch. Even for those versed in Linux,
and with Arch, for the guys like me that do an install on a biennial basis, that
guide was a savior.

It was a major pain to maintain, among other things. It is far better to have a
single, authoritative source for an Arch install than two, often divergent,
guides. It requires less effort to maintain, reduces confusion about how to do a
supported install, and encourages people to understand what they are doing,
rather than hastily copy and pasting there way through an install so they can
rush to tell people they are running Arch…

Did no one want to maintain it? Why was the full beginner's guide deleted?




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