On 09/20/16 at 01:58am, David C. Rankin wrote:
> On 09/20/2016 12:00 AM, D C via arch-general wrote:
> The beginner's guide always provided an expanded section on each topic in the
> install where different cards and potential pitfalls were discussed. There was
> the varying network configuration options, netctl, etc., RAID setup was
> addressed, etc.. Now - nothing.

If you look closely the information is there, for example:

netctl => "Configure the network for the newly installed environment:
see Network configuration." =>

RAID setup => "If wanting to create any stacked block devices for LVM,
disk encryption or RAID, do it now." =>

So it's all in there, you just have to look :-)

> We should consider the beginner's guide again -- it was invaluable to new and
> beginner users to help them get a feel for arch. Even for those versed in 
> Linux,
> and with Arch, for the guys like me that do an install on a biennial basis, 
> that
> guide was a savior.
> Did no one want to maintain it? Why was the full beginner's guide deleted?

This has been announced and discussed on the mailing list and irc. And
the descision has been made to merge it into one page.

The new smaller guide just links directly to the pages which contain
detailed information without the duplication of information.

Jelle van der Waa

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