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><arch-general@archlinux.org> wrote:
>> For beginners and new users, here is how to install Arch GNU/Linux,
>> without the agony:
>> And here is a "user-centric" alternative to Arch GNU/Linux:  
>There’s no such thing as “Arch GNU/Linux”. The OS you’re thinking
>about is called “Arch Linux”.

Francis, as a starting point consider to beginn reading at
https://www.fsf.org/news/free-distributions-updates-kongoni-trisquel .
Perhaps we could find an end for this thread, before the list owner
decides to close the list for a day ;).

I'm still watching the install guide wiki, assuming that notifications
were not bounced, then until now nobody mentioned an issue with this
wiki, nobody added suggestions about what needs to be improved.

IMO the tone of voice by this thread became borderline.

I'm going to ignore this thread soon.


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