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>From my understanding the backslash character can be rendered as Yen mark
in several Japanese fonts.
This is due to compatibility reason for Japanese vendors stole the
backslash codepoint to reuse as Yen mark in their early font design.
For example I can reproduce this using "MS Gothic" font in lxterminal.
You can comfirms this by copying the Yen mark outof lxterminal into
to see whether it still rendered as Yen mark.

If this is the case, your keyboard setting doesn't need change.
Just change your font to a non-Japanese font (and be careful with
fontconfig fallbacks).

2016-10-11 16:48 GMT+09:00 niya levi via arch-general <

> hi everyone
> i have installed arch with lxde ,
> the keyboard is setup all the keys are setup except one the backslash key,
> in thunderbird and openoffice a backslash char is displayed
> but in the lxterminal and geany(ide editor) it displayes as a yen char,
> i added Option "XKbOptions" "yen:backslash"
> to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf
> but no change,
> is the line i added to 00-keyboard.conf incorrect ?
> i understand that the console is not affected by xorg so i'm also
> looking for a solution there as well.
> shadrock
> thanks


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