recently I have come across a weird problem regarding full system
crashes under certain conditions.

It seems somewhat random but the trigger always includes starting a
network connection after sometime with no network connectivity.

The only applications that have triggered the issue until now are
firefox (after starting normaly) which triggers the second I click on a
bookmark to open a website (no network conenction until that second).
The other application was mutt, which triggered the moment when I
fetched mails and the status bar said "looking up mbox" or something of
the like.

The result of the trigger is a full system crash, showing the current
Using Ctrl+Alt+F1/7 does not work.
There is no trace in the logs, neither in the journal nor did I find
anything with dmseg.
The only way to get out of this is by hard reset.

I have tried to replicate the bug but so far I was not succesful.

I have no idea how to analyse the issue further.
Do you have any hints on how to produce continious detailed logfiles or
something of that sort to find what is wrong?


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