After abs demise, I ran into needed to rebuild gtk2 with --enable-debug=yes
for a bug report. Finding the packages from the normal package search
is simple, but when you are on svntogit -- the only helpful discussions are to
clone the entire repository, e.g.:


  Nowhere are there options to download or clone the current repository (like
github) and nowhere is there a mention of 'asp export pkgname'. There is no
wiki for asp and the only mention is in the ABS page -- and that information
relates to the svn part of the tree.

  'asp export' works fine, but if there is nothing on the svntogit that
directs folks to it, the only information given is to 'Clone' as shown above.
(which will result in roughly 500M each for community and packages if the
instructions on the page are followed (compared to what was 88M total for abs).

  Can individual clone or download urls be provided on each package page like
with github? Can references to 'asp export' also be provided? Those seems like
things that should be done to help with the transition away from abs and help
preserve bandwidth.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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