Much as I'm wary about raising this after last time... here goes. Really
just putting this out there as a thing to consider if it's not already
known about.

With 3.3.13, upstream introduced support for a system-wide default
toprc, /etc/topdefaultrc [1]. This is their "recommended" way of setting
sensible/usable/accessible defaults rather than the "all or nothing"

I don't know what the specific implementation differences are between
the two (e.g. whether topdefaultrc is compatible with/overrides
--disable-modern-top) but it should provide an approach more "aligned to
upstream". Coming up with a "sensible default", on the other hand, is
likely to be more complicated...

(I've gone for an htop-like scheme with a nice green 'column heads',
idle tasks off (i), Zero-Suppress on (0), for Manjaro [2].)


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